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Education & Workforce Council

The Education Workforce Council identifies and advocates the Indy Chamber's position on local, state and federal issues that affect education and the workforce in the Indianapolis region. The council also works on legislation such as immigration, workforce re-entry and incentives.

Chair: Joyce Irwin
Indy Chamber Staff Member: Mark Fisher

Local Government Council & Fiscal Policy

The Fiscal Policy Committee monitors the spending of state and local governments and analyzes how it will affect economic development throughout the Indianapolis region. The Fiscal Policy Committee researches, analyzes, and develops policy positions on issues critical to keeping the region competitive and healthy for business growth.

Chair: Joe Loftus
Indy Chamber Staff Member: Mark Fisher

Hispanic Business Council

The Hispanic Business Council (HBC) assists the Hispanic business community by offering networking events to engage the community and help grow business. The HBC developed the Mentor-Protégé Program as part of its commitment to growing Hispanic business enterprises. The Mentor-Protégé Program encourages the development of Hispanic-owned businesses by pairing them with larger, successful mentor firms.

Chair: Jackie Morales
Indy Chamber Staff Member: Gustavo Escalante

Transportation, Infrastructure and Environment Council

The Transportation, Infrastructure and Environment (TIE) Committee follows issues that affect the region's economic development and quality of life. Leading TIE committee issues include advocating for an improved, comprehensive regional mass transit plan; assessing the region's growing water needs; and addressing the century-old problem of continuous sewer overflows.

Chair: Sarah Hempstead
Indy Chamber Staff Member: Mark Fisher